Proven methods to prioritize insights and impact product roadmaps

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What is generative research?

Generative research, also called discovery or exploratory research, focuses on establishing a foundational understanding of people — their motivations, challenges, and behaviors — as well as the overall problem space. …

What to avoid when building a great UX metrics program

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What responsibility do designers have?

New York Attorney General Letitia James displays Juul ads that critics believe were aimed at young people.

Juul: A case study in the power of Design

Creating a luxury good

In the early 2000s, e-cigarettes emerged as an alternative to cigarettes by delivering the nicotine smokers crave without the carcinogens involved in combustible cigarettes…

Doing research isn’t enough — you need to convince people to act on it

A cartoon depicts a winding red line (i.e. the product roadmap), with a man and woman contributing to it, as well as various data such as personas, post-its, and more.
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A quick and dirty foundational understanding of User Research

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What is User Research?

User Research enables teams to uncover user needs, behaviors, and motivations by gathering data in a structured way, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data to better understand how people work and experience our products.

  • Assessing and measuring outcomes to ensure products and services meet the needs of our Creators
  • Modifying, refining, and continuously improving our offerings

Integrate continuous feedback to empower product teams

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What is a data lake?

A data lake is a central repository of different types of data from various sources. It’s a central place to store and collate everything from Salesforce win/loss data to product usage analytics to user interview feedback…

With promises of democratization, empowerment, and speed, how will Design adapt to the changes that no-code will bring?

We see a huge pile of lego pieces in all different colors, shapes, and sizes.
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How templates benefit both users and businesses

We see thumbnails of various templates, including a mind map, kanban framework, quick retrospective, user story map, customer journey, flowchart, and brainwriting.

With revenue up 86% last year and their stock price popping 4,200% in five years, what can we learn from Shopify’s journey?

A person sits at their computer looking at Shopify’s webpage that says “Everything you need to start an online store and sell online”.
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Let’s tear down the ivory tower and actually put academia’s findings into practice

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Defining the value of Design

Creating Economic Value by Design by John Heskett in International Journal of Design.

What is the article about?

This paper examines how major economic theories influence how we define the value of design. Heskett argues that economics doesn’t…

Meghan Wenzel

UX Researcher and Strategist — “It’s not the story you tell that matters, but the one others remember and repeat”

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